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They taste perfect just as they are

Enjoying Me

We’ve lovingly made each of our Tomintoul whiskies so that they taste perfect just as they are. However, the Tomintoul range is very versatile and can be enjoyed in lots of ways. There are no rights or wrongs, as long as you are enjoying it.

Please be sure that when you’re enjoying Tomintoul, you drink it responsibility. You can visit Drink Aware for facts about drinking alcohol.


Tomintoul Whisky tastes great on its own and can be left at room temperature. Take a sip and let it sit in your mouth. Be sure to have a good “nose” (sniff) of the glass and think about the aromas as well as the flavours in the whisky. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to the notes you will find when doing a whisky tasting – that’s part of the fun!

With Ice or Water

Many people like to add either ice or water to their whisky. Adding water reduces the alcohol content and can release different aromas and flavours. Usually in a whisky tasting, a drop or two of water is always added. The whisky will be tasted both with and without water to see how the flavours and aroma differ. You can add as much water as you like, though we’d suggest you add it gradually so that you can get it just right for your taste.