High in the Cairngorms small mountain lochs, called tarns, have developed due to glacial movement. The name tarn comes from the old Norse word “tjorn” meaning pond, and some of these spring water lochs have existed for over 10,000 years, since the last ice age.

Many tarns are surrounded by ancient peat. It is this peat influence that shapes the intense smoky, sweet and earthy character of Tomintoul Tarn.


Nose Peat forward with whiffs of campfire smoke and burnt heather that open up into aromas of honey and orchard fruits.
Palate Smoky and sweet with layers of peat smoke, boiled sweets, vanilla pod and hints of soft liquorice.
Finish A nice balance of fireplace soot and vanilla cake that leaves a long sweet and smoky linger.
Info 1 Litre, 40%

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