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  • Tomintoul Whisky at Up The Helly Viking Festival

    Tomintoul whisky and Up the Helly Viking Festival

    Up Helly Aa is the famous viking festival held in mid-winter to celebrate the end of the Yule period. The festival takes place every year in Shetland, Scotland, and it involves marching through the town or village in a variety of themed costumes.

    This year a few of our expressions were present at the festival, with hundreds of people from around the  world who attended.

    Below are pictures sent to us by Jill who attended the festival.


    More from the night time festival:





  • Tomintoul Whisky Tasting at Mill Hill Wines

    Last night, guests were treated to live whisky tastings at the Mill Hill Wines store in North London. The event was led by Lorne Mackillop who has over 20 years experience within the whisky industry. It was a great turn out with guests pleasantly enjoying the Tomintoul whisky range and learning more about the our products and whisky making process. 

    If you would like to attend any of our whisky tasting events please sign up to our newsletter on the 'Contact' page. Emails (Not spams) will be sent to update you on the latest whisky tastings taking place with information on how to sign up.

    Team Tomintoul 

  • Introducing The Tomintoul 40 Year Old Single Malt Whisky.

    Tomintoul 40

    We are proud to announce the release of our remarkable Tomintoul 40 Year Old Quadruple Cask.

    In an age when stocks of older single malt Scotch whiskies are becoming a rarity, it is a moment of joy for us to announce the launch of this 40 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky bottling. Master Distiller Robert Fleming whose family has been distilling whisky for generations; nosed and tasted each cask from the 1974 year of distillation as they rested peacefully in the corners of the Distillery warehouses. Having found four remarkable casks amongst them, Robert considered these of such truly outstanding quality and attributes that they were selected for their own unique Quadruple cask bottling.

    The single malt from these exceptional quadruple casks has been bottled in hand-crafted crystal decanters which have been individually numbered.  The gift box has been especially designed to provide a unique presentation featuring a twin door opening with cushioned padding on the inside. The wooded exterior is finished in a fabulous matt black lacquer. Customised spaces on the inside accommodate a crystal glass stopper and an information leaflet.

    The quadruple cask release is truly limited with only 500 bottles. 

  • 9 Interesting facts about Tomintoul.

    9 Interesting facts about Tomintoul

    1.Tomintoul Distillery is named after the nearby highest village in the Highlands of Scotland and is surrounded by nature’s beauty.

    2.Tomintoul is “Hillock of the Barn” in Scottish Gaelic; ironically meaning small hill considering it is one of the highest villages in Scotland at 345 m (1,132 ft)

    3. Tomintoul Whisky holds the record for the world’s largest Single Malt Scotch Whisky bottle containing 105.3 litres, enough to serve 5,230 drams.

    4. Our whisky is matured in the finest bourbon and sherry casks, sometimes stowed away 12 meters high across 7 warehouses.

    5.We’re known as the ‘gentle dram’ because of our unbelievably smooth and rounded whisky.

    6.Tomintoul is one of the very few independently run distilleries in Scotland.

    7.We produce 3½ million litres of whisky each year and our whisky can be found in the four corners of the world from the Far East to South America.

    8. Our limited edition "Five Decades" Single Malt Scotch Whisky has a special blend of rare and deliciously matured casks from 1965 all the way through to 2005.


    9. Tomintoul with a Peaty Tang is made using Speyside peat to malt the barley. This tightly compact soil has been in the earth for thousands of years, once burnt this smoke imparts a special flavour to the whisky. The whisky is produced at the Distillery twice a year and closes for 2 weeks after the production to clean out the pipes and stills from the heavy peat scent. Tomintoul peaty tang is an unbelievably smooth and rich peated malt whisky, gaining popularity amongst peat and even non-peat whisky lovers. 


  • Season's Greetings

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! May your day be filled with laughter and cheer (and a dram of Tomintoul of course) :) .

    Best wishes,

    Tomintoul Team 



    Finding the perfect whisky for the festive season can sometimes be a difficult task whether it's a gift for a family or friend or something to enjoy this Christmas. To help, we've put together a guide from our selection of award winning whiskies to help you to find the perfect whisky this Christmas. 

    Tomintoul 10 YO

    The perfect introduction to our Tomintoul malt whiskies. The 10 year old is all Bourbon cask matured, giving it a creamy vanilla note. The vanilla backbone is bound with lifted citrus, heather and sweet honey notes fading into a moreish finish of honey and sweet spices. 

    Tomintoul 12 Year Old Portwood

    A bit of a special Tomintoul, finished in port pipes. A delicious nose of Bassets fruit salads, walnuts and toasty malt lead into a palate of fruit crumble and creamy almond puree. The finish is soft, fruity and sweet luring you back for another. Try pairing this dram up with your cheeseboard this Christmas! 


    Tomintoul 12 Year Old Oloroso

    A limited edition release of Tomintoul finished for 2 years in Oloroso sherry casks. This 12 year old is weightier than the classic Tomintoul styles with rich raisin and vanilla tones leading the nose. The palate is smooth and oaky with sweet layers of dried fruit and toffee, finishing on a smooth mellow maple and walnut note.

    Tomintoul Peaty Tang

    Something for the smoky whisky fan! The Peaty Tang is a cheeky little dram with the nose of an Islay and the heart of a Speyside. A full and smoky heather nose leads into a surprising palate of sweet Peat and fruity, nutty malt notes. This balance of sweet and smoky continues long on the palate. A great Whisky for someone who wants a bit more smoke from their Speyside.

    Tomintoul 14 YO

    A Tomintoul that’s a bit more gutsy than the others in the range. The 14 Year Old is all natural colour and non- chill filtered giving you spicier, oak tones at the fore. The nose is elegant and creamy, with notes of honey and custard. The palate is sweet and a lovely combination of vanilla, honey and sweet oak spice notes. The finish is nutty and creamy with a very moreish spice note. A great whisky for those someone who likes a bit of a bite to their whisky.

    Tomintoul 16YO

    The ‘flagship’ malt of the Tomintoul core range. A very inviting nose of soft fruits, honey, vanilla and hazelnuts leads into a creamy and luxurious palate of creamy brioche and soft oak spices. The finish is creamy and sweet with a hint of vanilla oak spice. A must-have for any whisky cabinet! 

    Tomintoul 25 YO

    The perfect drop to toast and special occasion! The 25 year old Tomintoul has a warm and inviting nose of creamy vanilla toffee and toasted almonds. The palate is smooth and rounded with creamy sweet butterscotch and sweet woody spices. The finish is a lovely marriage of soft creamy notes and sweet Christmas spices.

    Tomintoul 1976

    Pure luxury from one of our favourite vintages, the 1976 is an extra special dram for any malt lover. A rum & raisin nose is followed by a deliciously delicate palate of soft dried fruit tones, buttery vanilla and sweet spices. The dram concludes with a long, sweet and complex finish.


    Tomintoul 1981 Vintage

    A hand-picked single cask of exceptional quality. Individually numbered and bottled at cask strength the vintage releases are a perfect gift for whisky lovers and collectors alike. The 1981 has a full nose of dried fruit bound with sweet oak spices. The palate is rounded and complex with rich malty layers and notes of orange marmalade. The finish is long with sweet dried fruit notes and cedar spice notes dancing on the tongue.

    That's our guide to gifts this Christmas, whether it's for you or a loved one. We'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and for details on where to buy our products, buy online or see our store locator page to find the nearest Tomintoul products. 

    Happy shopping!

    Tomintoul Team